TM Liquid Chitosan: Soil Conditioner!

Did You Know?  Chitosan can be used as a soil conditioner.

Here is some additional information.

Water Retention

Chitosan has the ability to absorb and retain water, thus improving the water-holding capacity of the soil. This is particularly useful in sandy soils that are prone to drainage issues. By retaining moisture, chitosan helps prevent water runoff and allows plants to access water more effectively.

Nutrient Retention

Chitosan has a positive charge, which enables it to attract and bind with negatively charged particles, including nutrients in the soil. This property helps to prevent nutrient leaching, ensuring that essential elements required by plants remain available in the root zone for a longer period. It enhances nutrient uptake efficiency and reduces fertilizer runoff.

Soil Structure Improvement

Chitosan promotes the aggregation of soil particles, resulting in improved soil structure. It encourages the formation of stable soil aggregates, which enhances soil porosity, aeration, and drainage. Better soil structure allows plant roots to penetrate the soil more easily, promoting root development and nutrient absorption.

Microbial Activity

Chitosan has been found to stimulate beneficial microbial activity in the soil. It acts as a substrate for beneficial soil bacteria and fungi, promoting their growth and activity. These microorganisms contribute to nutrient cycling, organic matter decomposition, and disease suppression, thereby improving overall soil health.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Chitosan possesses antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which can help suppress certain plant diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms. It can also act as a barrier against some pests, such as nematodes, by creating an unfavorable environment for their growth and development.

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