About Chitosan

Chitosan is used worldwide as an SAR activator. Systemic Acquired Resistance is achieved when the plant believes that  it has interacted with a pest or pathogen and goes into its defense mode, commonly referred to as SAR. TM Chitosan is a 2% water soluble liquid chitosan used worldwide, extracted from chitin found in the shells of shrimp, crabs and lobsters. Chitin is also found predominantly in the exoskeletons of predatory and crop destroying insects, which is why plants assume they are under attack and the SAR is activated. Once SAR is activated and there is no attack, the plant can then use the cascade of triggered plant hormones to grow and strengthen itself. Roots and fruits, trichomes and terpene production all increase!


Use of TM Chitosan on your crops will result in:

1. Increased root growth and plant mass

2. Increased resistance to powdery mildew, Pythium and botrytis (bud rot)

3. Reduction in transpiration rates

4. Increases in size, density and quality of fruit

5. Increased resistance to fungal or bacterial issues

6. Increased tolerance to excessive light, heat or drought

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