Chitosan Protects Crops from Effects of Cold and Damp Soil

Just as the birds, bees and butterflies return, so do all of the things that make you go… HMMMM.

PREVENT PROBLEMS before they return!  Prime your soil and your crops with TM Chitosan and watch what DOES NOT happen and what DOES! Everything we want you to understand about TM Chitosan before Spring:

  • There are 3,801 Published Studies in the NIH (National Library of Medicine: National Center for Biotechnology Information) that highlight the Benefits of Chitosan in Agriculture.
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  • Chitosan is preventative as well as stimulating.
  • Chitosan is effective, available, and inexpensive.
  • Chitosan prevents many problems that are rooted in the cold, damp weather of Spring such as fungal and pathogen related disease.
  • Chitosan reduces the need for costly, toxic products necessary when common garden issues occur. 
  • Chitosan simultaneously encourages plant health AND growth.
  • Chitosan is an all natural immune system booster for plants.  Chitosan is so non-toxic that it is even sold as a human health supplement.
  • Chitosan is super-efficient: a quart makes 460 gallons
  • Chitosan increases heft and health of harvests, and has even been shown to increase the nutritional levels of some produce while EXTENDING THE POST HARVEST SHELF LIFE! 
  • Chitosan is easy to use. Simply dilute the correct amount into pH adjusted water or nutrient mix (5.6 – 6.1 is best, as usual) and apply.  Our sediment free solution will flow through irrigation equipment.
  • Chitosan is so non-toxic that it is even sold as a human health supplement.

Chitosan is a unique, multi-purpose, proven solution for any agricultural business looking to reduce costs, increase crop yields, and decrease potential issues. Please direct any questions in regard to usage, pricing or shipping to [email protected].

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