Explore the Benefits of Chitosan

Benefits of TM Chitosan include but are not limited to:

  1. Improved crop disease resistance
  2. Activation of the plant’s own innate immune system
  3. Improved crop stress resistance
  4. Improved rhizosphere and microbial population while simultaneously inhibiting nematodes
  5. Accelerated root growth
  6. Promotion of early growth in plants
  7. Increase crop yield and improve the quality of agricultural products
  8. Degradation of chemical pesticide residues in plants
  9. TM Chitosan is safe for humans, pets and livestock.
  10. Crops that have been treated with TM Chitosan show increased levels of nutrition and post-harvest shelf life.

When to apply TM Chitosan:

  • Use in the critical period of crop growth, including seed, seedling stage, before or after planting, before flowering, after fruit set
  • Before or in the early stage of adversity, including frost damage, drought damage, water damage, any stress, etc., more than 1 day before the occurrence
  • The effective period for TM Chitosan is 24-36 hours but it will remain systemic for more than 7-9 days.

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