All-Natural Chitosan is Agricultural Gold

We have found the level of interest in chitosan outweighs the ease of access to accurate information and quality chitosan products.  We are pleased to be a solution in both regards.  We are happy to provide to you any necessary information so your business can achieve the results you intend.   We supply our products directly to end users, to plant product formulators as a primary or secondary ingredient, and to those who wish to distribute independently labeled chitosan products.

Chitosan, a natural and effective shrimp, crab and lobster shell extract, has been proven to protect farms, gardens and nurseries from common agricultural issues, increase crop yields and reduce use of expensive plant protection products.  Here’s why it works:

  • Chitosan increases nutrient uptake by plants, which means more efficient use of fertilizers and improved overall health of crops.
  • The presence of chitosan encourages beneficial microbes, such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, which can improve soil fertility and structure.
  • Chitosan has been proven to increase yields of crops like wheat, corn, pepper, tomato and soybean by up to 20%.
  • Chitosan acts as a protective barrier on plant surfaces by forming a film that prevents fungal growth and disease-causing organisms.

We are happy to offer FREE SHIPPING of quarts and gallons for those who are interested in sampling the powerful and protective benefits of CHITOSAN.  For drums and totes, please email [email protected] and our logistics team will coordinate shipping.

Chitosan.  Strong enough to be used in the manufacture of Kevlar, yet gentle enough to be ingested as a human health supplement.  Please reach out with any technical questions you may have.

The Science: Chitin and chitosan are naturally-occurring compounds that have potential in agriculture with regard to controlling plant diseases. These molecules were shown to display toxicity and inhibit fungal growth and development. They were reported to be active against viruses, bacteria and other pests. Fragments from chitin and chitosan are known to have eliciting activities leading to a variety of defense responses in host plants in response to microbial infections, including the accumulation of phytoalexins, pathogen-related (PR) proteins and proteinase inhibitors, lignin synthesis, and callose formation. Based on these and other proprieties that help strengthen host plant defenses, interest has been growing in using them in agricultural systems to reduce the negative impact of diseases on yield and quality of crops. LINK: Chitosan in Plant Protection

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