Spotted! Grape Hyacinths blooming in the Northeast!

Just as the birds, bees and butterflies return, so do all of the things that make you go… HMMMM.

PREVENT PROBLEMS before they return! 

Prime your soil and your crops with TM Chitosan and watch what DOES NOT happen and what DOES!

Everything we want you to understand about TM Chitosan before Spring.

Chitosan is a natural compound found in crustacean shells and fungal cell walls that improves the chances of crop survival and overall crop health by stimulating the plants own natural immune system.  Foliar feeding with chitosan will reduce transpiration rates in the heat of summer, assisting with heat and drought survival.  Application of chitosan has also been shown to accelerate growth and germination as well as improve the quality of flowers and fruit.

Incorporating TM Chitosan into a liquid fish emulsion fertilizer is a great way to super SUPER CHARGE soil and seeds while creating a layer of protection from the fungus and pathogen problems that are rooted in the cold damp days of Spring.

Did You Know? Not only is chitosan considered the gift from the sea to the land, but chitosan replaces truly synthetic products with a natural alternative.   Chitosan is created by diverting crustacean shells from a landfill, where they produce an overabundance of methane.  Methane is the leading cause of global warming.  By eliminating seafood waste landfills and producing chitosan, we successfully turn a waste stream into an efficient, multifunctional, NATURAL AND ECONOMICAL SOLUTION FOR FARMERS.

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