Why is EVERYONE talking about chitosan for plant health?

The economy!  The fertilizer shortages!  Soil degradation!

Chitosan is an inexpensive yet valuable asset for any farm or garden.

What is chitosan?  Chitosan is an extract made from crab or shrimp shells.  Crab and shrimp meal are often included in fertilizer products, but chitosan is a lot different.  Crab and shrimp meals contain chitin, and chitin is not immediately bio-available to any crop.  It takes time for the chitin to break down into chitinase, which is ultimately the catalyst for the agricultural benefits.

Chitosan is immediately bio-available to plants.  You can spray chitosan as a foliar, and gain extra protection from pathogens on the leaf surface, or you can apply chitosan at the root zone, and the stimulating and protective effects will become systemic.

How it Works: Crop destroying bugs are MADE of chitin.  When you apply chitosan, plants react!  Sensing threat, the plants begin to produce phytochemicals such as jasmonic and salicylic acids. The plant begins to fight for its life and sends out roots and shoots and begins to grow with vigor.  The flowing phytochemicals make the plant unappetizing to pests like grasshoppers, a welcome side effect!

Many expensive fertilizers on the market contain chitosan.  Fertilizer companies are able to use labeling to their advantage.  They sell a product as one thing, but it is really an inert ingredient NOT listed that makes the product effective.  Chitosan is one of those ingredients that has long been added to fertilizers, pesticides and fungal treatments but has NOT always appeared on the label.

We want to provide this inexpensive natural resource directly to farmers and gardeners so that they might reduce dependency on the large salted fertilizer companies and the associated use of toxic pesticide products that necessarily accompany use of synthetics. 

You can safely use chitosan around children, pets and livestock!

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