Why Should You Prime Seeds With Chitosan?

Why Should You Prime Seeds with Chitosan?

Moisture levels in seeds and seedlings are critical.  Water stress decreases seed germination and seedling growth rates, and chitosan is a proven abiotic stress reducer helpful in times of water scarcity.

In addition, application of chitosan helps relieves salt stress, increases germination rates, speeds seedling growth and also assists in seedling growth under low temperature stress.

Seed Priming with Chitosan:

Enhanced Plant Growth under Salt Stress

Chitosan treatment increases root and shoot length. The shoot length of seeds coated with chitosan is sometimes 50% more effective in enhancing the shoot length than a control. In addition, other studies supported a role of chitosan in modulating the plant response to several abiotic stresses including salt and water stress. Chitosan obtained was proved to be effective in elevating the properties of seed vigor index, germination rate and root & shoot length. Hence, chitosan protects the seeds and preserves the enzyme activity under salt stress.

Seed priming with chitosan improves maize germination and seedling growth in relation to physiological changes under low temperature stress

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