The Benefits of Chitosan

Chitosan is an essential agricultural amendment extracted from seashells.  Many farmers and home gardeners have long enjoyed the benefits of adding crustacean meals to the soil to fortify and protect their crops.  Crustacean meals contain chitin, which is eventually broken down in the soil and is applied as a top dressing, or worked into the root zone at transplant.

TM Liquid Chitosan offers all of the protective benefits of crustacean meal, but in an easy-to-use, sediment-free liquid.  TM Liquid Chitosan is a readily bioavailable form of chitin, and can therefore be effective as a seed soak, root drench, OR foliar spray consistently throughout the lifecycle of the garden to protect from bacterial, fungal and viral crop threats without fear of disrupting the nutrient cycle and without negative impact to beneficial microbe populations.   Ideally, TM Chitosan is applied preventatively but remains effective as an antidote to abiotic stress such as extreme heat, drought, pests, pathogens, and even soil salinity or toxicity.

TM Liquid Chitosan stimulates plant vigor by increasing nutrient uptake and through activation of the plant’s natural defense system, referred to as the SAR response.  Simply put, chitin is also very commonly found in the exoskeletons of crop-destroying insects- when chitosan is applied to the garden, crops interpret this as a signal to begin releasing beneficial growth hormones that will strengthen the plant in defense.  This natural reaction triggers growth and plant vigor.

TM Liquid Chitosan can be used to increase soil fertility by binding to and releasing essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.  It can be used to improve soil structure by increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil, which helps to improve water retention and aeration.

Chitosan can be used to reduce soil erosion by increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil, which helps to aggregate soil particles.

When the soil has been contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants, chitosan can be used to bind the pollutants together and help reduce their toxicity. In areas with high levels of heavy metal contamination chitosan has been shown to have the ability to absorb and bind to heavy metals in soil, effectively remediating this issue. This can be especially useful in cases where traditional methods of soil remediation, such as physical removal or chemical treatment, are not feasible or have been unsuccessful.

TM Liquid Chitosan prevents and mitigates problematic nematode and fungus problems in the soil.

Chitosan has even been proven to increase the nutrient levels in various crops, extend post-harvest shelf life, and reduce the need for pesticides and fungicides!


Be sure to check out our Published Research Page for links to more fascinating facts and information regarding the benefits of chitosan in agriculture and home gardening practices.

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