The Multifunctional Role of Chitosan in Horticultural Crops; A Review

Chitosan, a natural and effective shrimp, crab and lobster shell extract, has been proven to increase crop yields and reduce usage of expensive plant protection products.  Here’s why it works:

  •  Chitosan increases nutrient uptake by plants, which means more efficient use of fertilizers and improved overall health of crops.
  • The presence of chitosan encourages beneficial microbes, such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, which can improve soil fertility and structure.
  • Chitosan has been proven to increase yields of crops like wheat, corn, pepper, tomato and soybean by up to 20%.
  • Chitosan acts as a protective barrier on plant surfaces by forming a film that prevents fungal growth and disease-causing organisms. Additionally, it can repel insects due to its ability to trigger a Systemic Activation Response.

One recent study, The Multifunctional Role of Chitosan in Horticultural Crops; A Review, states:

“Chitosan is a naturally occurring compound and is commercially produced from seafood shells. It has been utilized in the induction of the defense system in both pre and post-harvest fruits and vegetables against fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other abiotic stresses. In addition to that, chitosan effectively improves the physiological properties of plants and also enhances the shelf life of post-harvest produces. Moreover, chitosan treatment regulates several genes in plants, particularly the activation of plant defense signaling pathways. That includes the elicitation of phytoalexins and pathogenesis-related (PR) protein. Besides that, chitosan has been employed in soil as a plant nutrient and has shown great efficacy in combination with other industrial fertilizers without affecting the soil’s beneficial microbes. Furthermore, it is helpful in reducing the fertilizer losses due to its coating ability, which is important in keeping the environmental pollution under check.”

Chitosan is non-toxic and safe for both animals and humans.

Chitosan is a unique, multi-purpose, proven solution for any agricultural business looking to reduce costs, increase crop yields, and decrease potential issues. Please direct any questions in regard to usage, pricing or shipping to [email protected].

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