What is TM Liquid Chitosan and Why Is It Essential in the Spring?

What is TM Liquid Chitosan and Why Is It Essential in the Spring?

Chitosan is extracted from the shells of shrimp, crab and lobster for many purposes.  Chitosan is a human health supplement, is used in advanced wound care, is added to ruminant feed products, and is also used to purify some waters.  However, one of the most popular uses for chitosan is in agricultural applications.

Chitosan possesses strong antibacterial and antifungal properties that differentiate it from other growth products on the market.  The way in which chitosan works is unique as well.  Chitosan is extracted from CHITIN.  All the predatory bugs that come to destroy your crops are also made out of chitin.  When you apply even a very small amount of chitosan to the plants, the plant assumes it has been attacked!   When any living thing is attacked, what happens?  Defense Mode. 

When a plant engages defense mode, it is called a SAR Response.  This Systemic Activation Response triggers a flood of activity within the plant as it works to strengthen itself against the perceived attack.  Growth accelerates, fruit sets increase, brix increase, abiotic stress tolerance increases and your yield increases.

While all the good stuff INCREASES, applying chitosan in the garden is essential because of what DOES NOT HAPPEN!  Chitosan puts the happy back in your happy place.  Applying chitosan to the garden eliminates so many common garden issues.  Botrytis, powdery mildew and Pythium occur less frequently.  Also, chitosan will prevent many of the fungal issues that are rooted in the cold damp weather of Spring, while working symbiotically with the beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma living in your soil already.

 How to Apply?

Chitosan is an inexpensive product that is used at a very low dilution rate.  ½ to 1 pint of 2% solution will cover an entire acre.   Simply add the correct amount of TM Liquid Chitosan into pH adjusted water (5.6 – 6.1) and apply as a foliar spray or via irrigation.  A simple jar test will ensure that it is compatible with any nutrient programs already in use.  Simply make a small jar, mix in the chitosan and observe.  If any clumping occurs, apply separately.  

Where can I find TM Liquid Chitosan?

TM Liquid Chitosan is available at tmchitosan.com.  Enter your email address for a discount code! 

For pricing on drums and totes, please email [email protected].

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